02 March 2007

friday photos

I think I'm going to make Friday photos into a regular feature. I had to do it today because my kids are being so whiny and obnoxious and disagreeable that I needed to remember that they can be very cute and charming when they want to be, and therefore I should refrain from throttling them.

Evan peering through binoculars with lens caps on.

James demonstrating a headstand

Evan in butterfly wings (by the way, he is wearing James' turtleneck over his own dinosaur pajamas. This is what happens on the rare occasions Evan cares what he wears -- he is adamant about looking ridiculous.)

Found James sleeping like this when I went in to check on him last night before I went to bed -- he's snuggled at the foot of his bed with all of his pillows, blankets and sleeping bag. Wouldn't be surprised if there were some stuffed animal hidden away in there as well.


and rudeness said...

LOL. They look like they can be quite a handful!

You defiantly need to save the butterfly wings for the "girlfriend" some day.

Emily said...

Friday photos! Good idea...woohoo!