30 March 2007

friday photos

If you were to come to our house, this would greet you on our front stoop.

James, on a recent trip to the cool playground.

Evan, riding Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Evan in a playground tunnel.

Evan, in the infamous spaceship box.

Crocuses in my garden! At least I think they're crocuses. I'm not a botanist.


ren said...

Yay for Friday photos!

Those are crocuses - congratulations! Mine look like... grass. Not even a bud, while the people down the street have gardens full of them. Apparently all the cigarette butts my neighbors threw in the garden last year don't make good fertilizer...

Happy Friday :)

and rudeness said...

I love your Friday photos!

Your flowers are pretty! The grass around here is FINALLY starting to turn green. EEEE! Spring!

karen said...

yay! congratulations on your crocuses (doesn't that word look funny?)!

oh, and the kids are cute, too (aren't they always in pictures? silent and unmoving...) ;0)


Anonymous said...

as always, the pictures are wonderful! ohhh, i have so many entries to catch up with!
big hugs,
mojca (who's still alive and kicking :))