16 March 2007

friday photo

Sorry, faithful readers, only one Friday photo today. It was the only one I took this week, because all of a sudden, for no good reason, I decided to start my spring cleaning, so I've been busy. Blogging may be light for a while -- we're going out of town this weekend, to my mom's. I could blog while I'm there -- my mom has finally joined the 21st century and has gotten not only internet access, but also a computer that was manufactured sometime after 1985 -- but I probably won't. Then as soon as we get back, Greg is leaving on a trip for work, so I'll be single parenting for most of next week.
This week's photo is an art project James made -- a representation of his brother:

Have a good weekend!


Emily said...

Have a good trip!

Mom M. said...

Do you suppose there's some freudian reason he made his representation of Evan reminiscent of a frog????

and rudeness said...

That is so cute!!