29 March 2007

baby's first knock-knock joke

Evan told his first ever knock-knock joke today. And his second! (Of course, you need to imagine this all in a sweet little baby voice, without pronouncing Rs or Ls.)

E: Knock knock!
Me: Who's there?
E; Toilet!
Me: Toilet who?
E: Toilet bathroom!

And then:

E: Knock knock!
Me: Who's there?
E: Toilet bathroom!
Me: Toilet bathroom who?
E: Toilet bathroom in your pocket!

And that's where I put an end to it. Probably my least favorite thing about having a second child is that everything is accelerated. He's making up knock-knock jokes before he's two! (And they're about as good as the ones James made up when he learned about knock-knock jokes when he was three or so.) But he's also picking up on the dreaded "bathroom talk" (as they call it at James' school, where it is very popular, perhaps because it is so sternly frowned upon) before he's two. That's not something we need.

But, you know what? I laughed. Because, as the mother of two boys, I can't not think bathroom humor is funny at least some of the time, because otherwise I'd go nuts.

By the way, today is, so far, a much better day than yesterday.


ren said...

How about a video?

and rudeness said...

Cuteness. Too. much. cuteness.

The sad thing about my family? I think my husband and I talk more about the bathroom, bathroom things and things that go on in the bathroom more than ANY one couple should find exceptable in a normal, health relationship.

I cant believe I just admitted that.

Loved the knock knock jokes. Glad your day was better! Hope tomorrow is EVEN BETTER.

Anonymous said...

Knock knock.
Who's there?
I eat mop.
I eat mop who?

it's funny if you say it out loud.
love melissa

Anonymous said...

hahaha. so cute :)