22 June 2007

friday photos

Last weekend, kind of at the last minute, we decided to go camping. We went to beautiful Letchworth State Park and did some hiking, saw some waterfalls, and did a lot of playing in the river. This was Evan's first camping trip, and aside from crying "I WAN' GO HOOOOOME!!" for about half an hour after sunset on Saturday night, he did really well. Much like James at the same age, Evan's favorite camping activity was throwing rocks in the water. In fact, that was still James' favorite activity too.

We saw thousands -- and I'm not exaggerating -- of teeny-weeny little frogs all over the riverbanks. You'd walk along the sand and every step you took would send a dozen frogs hopping out of your path. They were very easy to catch, though:

Roasting hot dogs over a campfire -- there is very little that tastes better than this:

Evan, hiking, in a rare moment when he was not begging to be carried:

James posing on a bridge:

James playing by the river. Notice the rock cliffs; apparently Letchworth is known as the "Grand Canyon of the East":

We also took a lot of pretty nature photos -- butterflies, wildflowers, frogs. It was really nice to just get away and not think about stupid frustrating apartment hunting for a couple of days. We all really enjoyed ourselves -- hopefully we'll get to do it again soon.


Emily said...

Really great pictures! I want a baby frog!!

karen said...

awesome photos...sounds like you needed the break, too! =0) seems like I know quite a few people going through the moving process lately, and everyone has been having a hard time (in fact, the best story involves a friend of mine in Utah looking for a SINGLE apt near Provo. Yeah, the property management people were very confused that she is 25 and not a student OR married...)

Glad you got some time away, and good luck!

And that is one beautiful loaf of bread! =0)

ren said...

Yay Friday photos!

and rudeness said...

WOW. I wish I could convince my husband to go camping... it looks like you guys had SO MUCH FUN! :)

Love the photos... and would love to see some of your other photos! I love butterflies!! :)