04 June 2007


My five-and-a-half-year-old has a LOOSE TOOTH.

I don't know what it is about this development, but I am suddenly feeling incredibly old. Yet I'm also really excited for him. I remember really liking losing my teeth as a kid, what with all the tooth-wiggling and the tongue-playing and the gaping holes. So this is fun. About four times a day we have the following conversation:

Me: James, how's that tooth?!
James: Wigglier!

And then he will usually run over to wiggle the tooth for me, and show me just how wiggly it is now.

He's also coming up with all of these crazy scenarios, like "What if I'm playing outside and I fall on my face and my tooth falls out and I swallow it?" And after hearing stories from my mom and Greg he's slightly afraid to eat anything crunchy. But clearly, despite these worries, a loose tooth is still a very cool thing.

For me, this is another one of those "My little boy is growing up!!!" moments. I was just not ready for this to happen so soon. He's only five! I mean, first it's a loose tooth, next he's in kindergarten, and pretty soon (to borrow from Ryan) he'll be getting his driver's license and leaving for college, and why doesn't anyone ever tell you that childhood goes by so quickly?!?!

Prepare yourselves for pictures of the gaping tooth-hole -- possibly even in time for this week's Friday photos!


and rudeness said...

First of all I am totally excited about the WIGGLIER TOOTH! How exciting!! Cant wait to see pics of the gabbing hole...

Want to know something kinda sad though? None of my baby teeth fell out on their own. :( All of them had to be pulled... and at 4 at a time. There is some term for it but I murdered it so bad googling it... it wouldnt even give me something close.

Oh well...

So I am super excited and cant wait to hear how long it takes for his little tooth to come out! Cause damn... both our little ones leave Monday after next for college... So I hope it comes out before that!!

kim said...

I lost a tooth and swallowed it while eating ice cream once, so crunchy food or not, it happens when it happens - don't let him worry too much.

Anonymous said...

brina lost a tooth just a couple of weeks ago! she was very excited about the tooth fairy bringing her strawberries :) it makes me smile to think of your boy on the other side of the ocean and my little niece growing up and going through similar milestones at the same time.
but i can imagine it's hard for you to see time passing by so fast!
much love,

karen said...

Along the lines of kim, James shouldn't worry to much about crunchy foods, per se. Scott lost one (and swallowed it) eating a McDonald's hamburger... =0)