01 June 2007

friday photos

Okay, I know I suck at this blogging thing lately. But instead of making excuses for myself, I will post photos!

I got all dolled up for my sister's wedding:

And my baby looked pretty angelic (and actually behaved pretty well too! No screaming during the ceremony! Well, we didn't end up having him in the church during the ceremony, but still! No screaming from the cemetery outside to disrupt the ceremony! Good job, kid!):

My handsome boys at a second wedding last weekend -- they clean up real good, huh?:

Back to the first wedding. James was in love with my sister all day, and can you blame him?:

This is how James spent much of the reception:

And this is how Evan ended up:

A shot of the wedding party (I'm next to the bride):

And a shot of my beautiful sister and my new brother-in-law:

We had a great weekend -- the weddings were lovely, the receptions were lots of fun, the weather was gorgeous, and my kids more or less behaved. Also, I got to dance with Greg! One dance, but still fun. Couldn't ask for more.

Okay, well, I would have liked more dancing with Greg, but other than that it was a pretty stellar weekend.


Jessica said...

AWESOME photos! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

wow! you're all looking gorgeous! glad to hear you had a nice time :)

and rudeness said...

What a beautiful wedding... and you looked absolutely stunning as well girl! And the boys... handsome as ever.

Glad you had a great time! And very glad everything came together so well like the weather and the good behaving kids. Double bonus!

nailgirl said...

What great pics!!

Emily said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! You clean up real nice!

Samay said...

wow, you've got a classy-looking family. Did you get a group shot to put up on the fireplace?

karen said...

You look Beautiful!!! Not that you don't always, but you know what I mean. Glad you had fun!

Oh yeah, and the boys look handsome, too =0)