24 June 2007

99 things

So do you all remember the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge that I was going to try to complete? Well, I'm nowhere near completing it, but I am proud to announce that I'm almost done writing the list. Yep, yesterday I managed to get up to 99 items. Some of them are kind of lame, some of them are actually going to be a challenge, and a good quarter of the list involves things I want to do before I leave Rochester, which gives me a pretty short window in which to do them. I didn't anticipate what a challenge it would be to just write the list itself, so even getting to 99 feels like an accomplishment, even with all the lame things on it.

But the exciting news is that I've already completed 3 of the things on my list!

  • #1: Buy suits for the boys for my sister's wedding. You've all seen the photo evidence. Done! (And that is a good example of one of the lame items on my list.)
  • #10: Take my children camping this summer. Done!
  • #40: Have a yard sale before moving. Done! (Back in May, but I can't link it because I never wrote about it on the blog for some reason.)

That's two percent! And three more items will be completed soon: clean out all of our old junk before moving, move out of this apartment, and play in a frisbee league in spring and summer. Again, the first two of those are lame items that I was going to have to do anyway, but it is hard to come up with 101 things to do.

Which is where you come in, friends. Anyone want to make some suggestions of something I should do in the next couple of years? Something random, something realistic that I might actually be able to do, something creative, something challenging? Just not something too lame -- I've come up with enough of those on my own. I'm open to pretty much anything. Two more items! That's all I need! And actually, if I get enough interesting suggestions, I might replace something boring that's already on the list.

So, fire away!


Anonymous said...

see radiohead live! aww okay, if for some reason they're don't tour close to you in the next couple of years then i'll modify that to: see one of your current favourite bands/singers live.

sounds like a good idea? :)
lots of love,

ren said...

What about taking a class? Or travel?

Melissa said...

here are my corny and general ideas:

1. Teach someone something that you know how to do well

2. Have someone else teach you how to do something that he/she knows how to do well


and rudeness said...

Okay... I want you to know I thought about this for quite awhile. It may sound extremely corny... but I say that because of my own insecurities.

-Take up a hobby/interest of your husbands, that you have NO immediate interest in at all.

I say this because when my husband and I met I had never played a computer game... well I mean other than Solitaire or Oregon Trail... and my husband is completely addicted to these crazy war/roll playing/space computer games. (Really pretty much ANYTHING with "game" in it, he has played/conquered... whatever.)

Well I thought, he loves it so much and even though I am sick of hearing about it ALL THE TIME... I will give it a try.

And I loved it. And I swear it made us closer.

Now this doesnt mean I play Bloody Shooter Military war games or anything... just occasionally I will join in with him on something and it really makes his day.