21 February 2007

tv time warp

I don't love kids' TV, nor do I hate it. I do seem to have a remarkably high tolerance for it, compared to most other people I know who are not actually children. This being a sick day, we have spent a lot of hours in front of the boob tube today, even sitting through Barney, which makes most reasonable people want to claw their eyes out. Maybe the reason I don't mind most kids' TV is because I'm pretty good at just tuning it out.

But right now? We are watching Reading Rainbow, and I am seriously digging it.

Why? Levar Burton is teaching kids about telling stories though music, and started the episode off with some examples of "the newest style of telling stories" -- music videos.

That's right, they're showing a 20-year-old episode of Reading Rainbow on our PBS station, and I am loving it. They showed video clips from Lionel Richie and Tears for Fears! Run DMC wrote a rap just for Reading Rainbow! And now Pete Seeger is reading (and singing) his book Abiyoyo, a story (and song) we all love.

And I have to say that Levar Burton in a pink shirt with bright blue jacket and tie and tallish '80s hair is truly a sight to behold.

I seriously would not enjoy this half as much were I actually a kid watching it. But I'm a total sucker for '80s nostalgia.


Anonymous said...

No blogging, no blogging, wham! Lots o' blogging. I missed your posts. Hey, they inspire me=)

Emily said...

Holy crap....I had no idea Reading Rainbow was still around. I loved that show. And I guarantee I'd still love that show.

and rudeness said...

LOVE me some Reading Rainbow.... Reaaddding Raaaaainboooow!

Could you hear me singing it?! HAHA.

I am going to have THAT stuck in my head all evening. I'll just go ahead and thank you for my husband.

Hehehe. (Evil chuckle.)

karen said...

amen - to 80s nostalgia AND reading rainbow - I would watch that w/ Tessa & Brandon when I was still nannying for them...just take a look, it's in a book! ;0)