23 February 2007

friday photos

It's finally Friday. It's been a long week -- two days of preschooler sickness is tiiiiring. But James is mostly well again -- well enough, anyway, for me to drag the kids to the grocery store for the groceries we've so desperately needed the last few days. I'm realizing now that I don't think I've left the house since Monday night. That's sad enough that our trip to the grocery store is looking pretty exciting to me. But tomorrow is the weekend, when I can unload some of the childcare duties on Greg, hooray!

Thought I'd celebrate with some photos from sledding last weekend.

James was fearless, barrelling down hills with or without a sled.

Yes, Evan is in the snow and he is smiling. Miraculous.
(It's because we gave him a snowball.)

Evan was perfectly content after Greg made him a "lollipop" out of snow.
(But you should have seen the tantrum when he dropped it, and Mama was unable to make him another!)

1 comment:

and rudeness said...

Isnt it weird when you realize you havent been out of the house in...DAYS?!

I hope everyone is getting much much better and your grocery trip turned out to be actual fun. If thats possible?

Your pics were priceless... LOVE THE LOLLIPOP! Hadnt thought of that one... we just do snow cones. But with the 12 inches we are suppose to get this weekend... I am gonna try the lollipop! :)