16 February 2007

friday photos

More photos today because a) I don't have time for a substantial post and b) I know you all love pics of my kids.

We haven't gotten a photo of Evan in months in which he is both smiling and looking at the camera, until yesterday. All it took was a scarf, apparently:

We have some giant snow piles where the parking lots have been cleared here. Even I think they're fun to play on and I'm incredibly lame, so you can imagine what a great time James had -- those piles are huge!

Evan, however, did not enjoy being outside. At all. He was terrified of the noisy Bobcat that was clearing the parking lot while we were out, and he pretty much looked like this the whole time, no matter what I did:

And some funny bath photos, because we are totally into shampoo hair sculptures these days:

Hope everyone has a great weekend -- stay warm!


Mom and Ren said...

We couldn't stop laughing at these. What great pictures! Hope you're staying warm.


and rudeness said...

Evan was crying cause he didnt have his scarf OUTSIDE! LOL... so darn cute!

Glad you guys had so much fun... well or tried to have fun!

Have a great weekend!