19 February 2007

celebrity lookalikes

Just a bit of vanity today. A stranger recently told me that I look just like an actress I'd never heard of. He even said I must hear it all the time, which I don't, because I didn't know who she was. But it made me remember that I have been compared to a few celebrities over the years. I'm posting this not to brag that I am beautiful and gorgeous just like a celebrity, but because, as someone who's only ever considered herself to be mostly average, I think it's funny that I've been compared to beautiful celebrities to whom I think I bear no resemblance.

I've got three stories, with photographic evidence. Here's me, to begin with:

This photo was taken last summer, so it's pretty close to how I look now. (Couldn't figure out how to crop the kids out of the photo, but they're cute, so it's okay.) Now let's compare to the celebrities I allegedly resemble.

In the ninth grade, I had a teacher (female, so not too creepy) who insisted that I looked just like Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief. Okay, so I had long, curly blondish-brown hair, and I don't have a photo of myself for comparison, but suffice it to say that at 14, I really did not look that much like Julia Roberts:

I look less like Julia Roberts now, since she's polished her appearance considerably in recent years.

Then, no celebrity comparisons that I can remember until a few months ago, when one of Greg's friends told me that he and his girlfriend thought I looked just like the main character from the old, short-lived Fox TV series Undeclared. He couldn't remember her name, but I did a little sleuthing, out of curiosity to see if I had a twin somewhere out there, and as far as I can tell, Carla Gallo is the girl he was talking about:

My hair is not that curly, nor is it that dark, and I... well, I don't really see it. Maybe it's different seeing her in action on the show -- maybe we have similar mannerisms or something. Still, physically, not so much.

And then, last week, the University parking employee who told me I look just like an actress from CSI, "Georgia-something". Come to find out that her name is Jorja, and again, I don't really see the resemblance:

I don't know, am I wrong? Do any of you readers think I look like any of these celebrities (or any others)? Have you ever been compared to a celebrity, accurately or not?


kim said...

Long, curly hair creates the perception of resemblence despite the lack of any other physical similarities. In high school, I was compared to Nicole Kidman in Far and Away surely based on hair alone.

ren said...

My boss swears I look just like Julia Stiles. Must be the big round moon face.

Samay said...

Just last week, I was trying to figure out which of my friends looked like Drew Barrymore, and i thought of you. I think it is the curly hair, probably.

Jaimelyn said...

I agree that most of the comparisions are due to hair.

I've been told on several occassions that I look like Kristen Davis (from Sex & the City and Melrose Place before that). I think it was due to always having long, dark, straight hair.

and rudeness said...

Well I defiantly see the resemblance in both pictured scenarios.

In high school people used to say that I looked like Claire Danes in "My So Called Life"...

Yeah, it was probably the red hair!

Jessica said...

Of the celebrities you mentioned, I'd say you look the most like Carla Gallo....and I think it's the smile, not just the hair.