19 February 2007

the master of positivity

It has not been the best of days. Fortunately, I've had lots of opportunities to practice looking on the bright side. Examples:

1. Evan smeared yogurt in his hair at lunch.

The bright side? He smells like strawberries.

2. The toilet overflowed this afternoon, and it was messy. And smelly.

The bright side? The bathroom is cleaner than it's been in a long, long time.

3. It took me close to an hour to clean the bathroom, right when I should have been making dinner.

The bright side? Greg is making dinner because he feels sorry for me. (Actually I demanded that he either cook or take me out to dinner, because I felt sorry for myself, but that's beside the point.)

4. When the floor in the bathroom gets wet, the ceiling in the dining room leaks. I forgot about this until I came downstairs after cleaning the bathroom, and had to clean all over again.

The bright side? ... Okay, there isn't really a bright side to that.

And, okay, it actually wasn't such a terrible day, apart from the toilet issues. I only threw in the bit about Evan with yogurt in his hair because I actually really loved it that he smelled like strawberries. Anyway, it's times like this I feel thankful that I'm an optimist and am able to laugh at myself.


Emily said...

I love a person who can always see the bright side! Good for you!

kim said...

What is it about toddlers and wearing yogurt? Molly had some the other day and applied it like lotion to her hands and cheeks. Since then, whenever I've given her yogurt, she says, "yogurt, hands!" No, I say, "Yogurt, mouth!" Glad you're looking on the bright side of life...

and rudeness said...

Speaking of toilet... yeah, I had an "incident" in my house that I thought was going to turn me into a divorcee.

(Thus my and rudeness of the day.)


And I am going to go put some yogurt in my hair.