04 May 2009

weekend photos

On Saturday we took a trip out to visit the farm that will be growing most of our vegetables for the next 6 months. A couple of months ago we signed up for a CSA -- Community Supported Agriculture, which means that we buy a share of a farm and then get a portion of everything that's grown there during the year. We're excited about knowing exactly where so much of our food will be coming from (bonus: the farm is organic), and it was nice to meet the people who will be growing it. On our visit on Saturday we toured the farm, did some hiking, and shared a potluck meal with other CSA members. It was a gorgeous day, and lots of fun, and tired our children right out.

We started right out with a hike through the fields and woods around the edges of the farm's property. James brought his binoculars for a little bird-watching:

Evan, whose peaceful car-nap was interrupted by our arrival at the farm, was grumpy about having to hike as soon as he woke up:

James did some careful investigating of the ground, looking at bugs and flowers and gopher holes:

Evan perked up eventually. How could anyone be grumpy in the midst of sunny springtime woods, surrounded by hundreds of blooming trilliums?

After our hike we checked out the greenhouses where some of the lettuce we'll be eating later this month is already growing:

Evan enjoyed running through the greenhouse aisles:

We'll have the opportunity to go back to the farm a few times this summer. Part of our membership actually requires working there a couple of times, so I'm sure there will be more farm photos to come throughout the year.


Reneka said...

Oh, fun! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

yay, it's looking great!!