29 May 2009

friday photos: who's that kid? edition

I think we all know by now how awful my camera is, so let's just ignore the poor quality, shall we?

Big news this week: we upgraded our eldest son to the newest, sleekest model:

Truly, I'd nearly forgotten how beautiful and striking his eyes are underneath all that hair.

My foot is in this photo just for reference. Who knew a seven-year-old could possess SO much hair? We could build ourselves a cat out of that.

For the record, his distaste for nicknames carries over to those poking fun at his new haircut. I was immediately chastised for trying to call him Baldy. He's very happy with his new look, though, reporting on how much quicker it is to take a shower and how differently his bike helmet fits now.

Next up: Evan's been asking for the same haircut, so we might have two little baldies on our hands soon. Just remind me not to call them that to their faces.

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