05 May 2009

tractor evan**

Evan was thrilled to get the chance to sit on a real! live! tractor! on Saturday. Most of the other kids, including James, sat on the tractor for less than a minute before hopping down, but Evan was antsy to get up on that seat, and once he was there, he stayed put for a while, turning the wheel, asking, "Can I touch this?" and "What's this do?" He pushed and pulled every moving part he could find, exploring everywhere.

After a minute or two of playing with the various levers, he stopped and looked up at the girl who was helping show the tractor to the kids. He gave her an exasperated look and exclaimed, "Why isn't it starting?!"

He has the same trait I did as a child: an inability to believe that one's size or age should prevent them from doing anything they want to do.

**Post title suggested by Evan.

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Reneka said...

Oh man, I needed that laugh. That's awesome.