14 April 2008


"Let's play The Three Little Pigs."


"Who do you want to be?"

"A sand person!"

"No, you have to be a pig or the wolf."

"I want to be a sand person!"

"Okay, let's play The Three Little Sand People."

[Some time later]

"Little Luke, little Luke, let me in!"

"Not by the point of my sharp, sharp lightsaber!"

"Then I'll load and I'll load and I'll shoot your house down!"

I don't condone their use of violence, but I do appreciate their creativity. (Possibly inspired by reading this book incessantly over the last week. If you have small children, find some of David Wiesner's picture books -- the several we've read are beautiful and imaginative.)


kim said...

We have Wiesner's Three Little Pigs out of the library right now, too, and we read it about twice a day - it's absolutely brilliant and a pleasure for both adults and kids.

Julie said...

lol...that's great