03 April 2008

not what i'm used to

Apparently I live in the sort of neighbrohood where, when an allegedly rabid raccoon is reported to management, a maintenace guy sits in his car below the tree in which said raccoon is hiding, and shoots at the raccoon with a BB gun. I'm not sure whether this was before or after Animal Control was called, but it definitely happened before they arrived. We have yet to discover the fate of the raccoon.

Also, this afternoon I was talking with a neighbor who's coming down with a cold. She told me she's been using lozenges that have a lot of vitamin C, zinc, and euthanasia. She continued talking, completely oblivious of what she had said, and it was a very difficult task, my friends, not to start laughing.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time a friend went 'born again organic'. She was sure there was a natural, herbal cure for anything and everything.
After she was through bemoaning her latest situation, I jokingly (I thought) asked her if she had ever tried Hemlock tea, assuring her that it would put an end to all her problems!
She looked at me hopefully and said "REALLY? That will work??"