07 April 2008

food, glorious food

It was a good weekend. We got our car back on Friday and I was able to go grocery shopping and I can't even describe to you how wonderful it felt. It seems that both of my children, especially James, chose the Week of Dwindling Food Supplies to have a growth spurt, so we were getting pretty desperate toward the end of the week.

On Friday, when I left for the store, our fridge looked like this:

It may look as if there's still a good amount of food in there, but it's pretty much all condiments. With a little milk and beer. We love condiments, but what good are mustard and maple syrup and salsa and jam and sour cream when you've got nothing to put them on?

Compare to the state of our fridge after shopping, which is much closer to its usual state:

Yogurt! Eggs! Apples! Orange juice! You can't see into the drawers, but they are similarly stuffed, with cheese and fresh produce.

Yes, I've probably reached a new low here by posting before and after photos of my refrigerator on the blog. I do think it's interesting, though, to peek into other people's refrigerators. A person's food choices can tell you a lot about that person.

I'd write about what I think my refrigerator says about me, but now I'm too hungry, so I'll let you speculate if you wish.

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Anonymous said...

hehe, i sure wouldn't mind digging into that fridge. in the "2nd pic" state, of course ;)