12 April 2007


Yesterday afternoon, I put Evan down for a nap and sent James outside to play. Ahhh, I thought, some peace and quiet. Time to relax.

But suddenly, I heard the pitter-patter of little feet running around upstairs. Was it the neighbors' kid? (Sometimes, with the way these apartments were built, something happening next door can sound as if it's happening in your own apartment.) No, this definitely sounded like our apartment. Did we have a ghost? If so, it would be the first time I'd seen evidence of a ghost.

So I went upstairs to check it out and found Evan in my bedroom. "Wait a minute," I said, "I just put you in your crib." Didn't I? Yes, I was pretty sure I had. Had James helped him get out? No, James was outside. That left one explanation:

(Sorry the video is sideways; I don't know how to fix that. And please ignore the fact that he's not wearing pants.)

He's not even two! James slept in that crib for three years and never made it out on his own. (He tried twice: once, he got stuck on top of the railing and got scared; the other time, I freaked out and scared him saying things like, "You're going to fall and break your neck!!!" No, I'm not proud of that lack of composure, but it was effective.)

But Evan, Evan climbs out of that crib like he's been doing it every day of his life. So last night we took the mattress out of his crib, and he's now temporarily sleeping on a tiny mattress on the floor. Only, to say he's sleeping is an exaggeration. Last night he played and ran around until he collapsed. I'm dreading trying to put him down for a nap today. With Evan, I don't think this will be an easy transition.

I almost wish it had been a ghost instead. I suspect that would have been easier to deal with.


ren said...

As distressing as this must be for you, the video is really cute. I love that he claps for himself when he's done.

Jessica said...

Time to add this to your Amazon wishlist:
That's what I'm doing if one of my kids ever pulls this evil stunt!

Anonymous said...

the clapping is cute indeed :) this probably won't make you feel much better but apparently my two brothers (who are twins) once exchanged their positions in two cribs Before they were able to walk. my grandma and mum were there to witness it. i guess cribs are a bit of a problem - matija (who's now 3) was constantly screaming when he was put down in a crib so my bro and his wife ended up simply putting the mattress out of the crib, like you. it must've been about a year ago and i think the fact that his sister was sleeping on a matress in the same room also had something to do with it.
have a nice weekend :)

and rudeness said...

What a little stinker. :)