26 April 2007


Via Ryan, I've discovered and become hooked on True Mom Confessions*. It's equal parts fascinating, depressing, heartwarming and hilarious. Some of the confessions I really relate to, and others I'm glad that I really can't relate to. Some of them are incredibly sad or even frightening, and you wish you knew who these women were so you could get them some help.

But what's most interesting to me is seeing so many different kinds of mothers sharing so many of the same fears and insecurities. It helps to disprove the notion that motherhood and marriage are always fulfilling, or that any one style of parenting is better than any other. You can see that other mothers are making the same mistakes you are, or feeling just as inadequate. You can see that lots of mothers are tired of trying to keep up with everything, and practically every mother gets sick of her kids sometimes.

After all the articles you read telling moms everything we're doing wrong, and all the things we should be doing to turn our kids into geniuses, it's kind of nice to see that I'm not the only one who can't keep up with the expectations.
*And I made a confession! Nothing dark or horrifying, I'm afraid -- just something petty, but it made me feel good to actually express it.


John said...

Was it the one about Thursdays and Sundays? ;) Nothing at all wrong with that. You're a fantastic mom. i'm glad to hear James got a good review in preschool too.

kim said...

Oh my gosh, what a cool site. In 20 seconds of reading, I've already clicked "me too" twice!

karen said...

I have always - and by "always," I mean since I was old enough to finally start thinking about the world beyond myself ;) - been amazed at the abilities of parents - shoes I wonder (and worry?) if I'd ever be able to fill... And reading the comments on this site totally reaffirms that feeling =0) You are a fantastic Mom, and you and Greg are fantastic parents - I just hope you know that, and I'm glad you found somewhere that helps you feel more "normal"...whatever that is ;0)

karen said...

I just read your comments on my blog, and I once again realized how much I like "talking" to you - even if primarily via blogs - you are so intelligent and aware of what goes on in the world, and open-minded, and fun! You amaze me, and I'm glad we can at least somewhat keep in touch =0)

OH, also, that whole controversy over your blog about James wearing nail polish and wanting a skirt and such and you must just need a daughter (yup, that must be it! ha!). Well, I brought that up in my Wednesday class. We were talking about the controversy surrounding gay parents - particularly that fear people have that gay parents will "turn" their children gay. Well, I just had to bring up James, and the fact that, isn't it more important to be a supportive parent (like you)? And Laura was talking about all the boys at her preschool that like to wear high heels and dress up. And that led to a discussion about societal norms. You know what's funny? The disparities between how we view little girls that are "tomboys" and how we view little boys that are "girlie."

At any rate, I could go off forever on that topic, but just thought you'd appreciate that =0) Hugs and kisses to y'all!

and rudeness said...

Your welcome.

I am kidding... I like what you took away from confessions. I am just addicted and reading and clicking and reading and never. want. to. stop. reading. that. site.