05 April 2007

an open letter to the month of april

Dear April,

I wanted to say thanks for the great time we had earlier this week. You took over right where March left off, and you were mild, sunny, and beautiful. The boys and I spent hours and hours playing outside on the playground and in the sandbox. It was so nice to feel like we were finally leaving winter behind. I made fruit smoothies for James' preschool class and we could sense summer in the air, on its way. I thought we were showing suitable appreciation for your kindness.

But then. Something happened. What happened, April? My frisbee league started last night and I should have been running around in shorts and short sleeves, but instead I was squinting against the raging wind, huddling in three layers against the snowflakes beginning to fall. I have to admit, it's nice to be able to run around playing frisbee for an hour without feeling like you're sweating... but that feeling was much nicer in October, when I was expecting it. I wore my winter hat last night!

How does that rhyme about you go, April? "April showers bring May flowers"? Right. Well, then, what do April blizzards bring? Lizards? Gizzards? Obviously, nothing pleasant. I prefer the flowers.

My neighborhood is having an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, April, and we aren't really keen on the idea of hiding those eggs in snowbanks. My sources tell me you're not yet ready to change your mind and lighten up, but I do hope you'll consider the feelings of all of us who depend on you for relief after the long winter.

Hugs and kisses,


Emily said...

Amen, sister! April totally fooled me. I had actually boxed up most of my sweaters and winter clothes. This really sucks.

and rudeness said...

Haha. Right on.

Cause seriously, this REwinter is really annoying.

karen said...

I can totally sympathize with you. All the ponies have shed their winter coats, and then *BAM* it snows this weekend, and they're all shivering and we're all bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story while we put blankets on them. And it's April 8th?!

Hope you didn't have to hide eggs in the snow...