11 April 2007

spring things

Not much time for blogging lately, I'm afraid. I'm going out of town this weekend (a vacation! without my boys!) for my sister's bridal shower, so out of kindness to Greg, I'm trying not to leave him with piles of unwashed laundry and dishes, or shelves and drawers completely emptied of toys and books and games.

In addition to the routine cleaning and upkeep, we've also started spring cleaning. Last night we cleaned our computer desk, which was a much lengthier task than you'd probably expect for a desk. Today I'm tackling the basement, hoping to find lots of garage sale material.

I've also been working on my 101 Things list. So far the hardest part has been coming up with 101 measurable and (hopefully) achievable goals. A few nights ago I made it up to 77 in a burst of sudden creativity, but I've stalled since then. I could take the easy way out and list things that I know I'm going to do anyway, such as buying a wedding present for my sister, or going berry picking this summer, or taking the kids to the beach or the zoo or something, but I'm trying to challenge myself a little bit, and it's more difficult than I expected to even think of the possible ways in which to challenge myself. I'm still thinking, though.

Oh, but I've decided not to post the final list here, or maybe just an amended version, because some of the things on my list involve surprises for people who read my blog, and I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise by announcing it. Or, you know, fail to actually do the surprising thing once I've said I'm going to.

Easter was kind of uneventful this year, as far as holidays go. I slept late and the boys did the basket-finding and gift-opening and candy-eating without me. I was kind of upset about that at first, but now I've realized that I've got about 37 other chances in a year to see them wild with gift-opening and candy-eating excitement, so it's not such a big deal. I wanted to post some photos, though, of what happens when you dye eggs with undiluted food coloring. First, the eggs -- the all-green eggs are the food colored eggs; the others are painted:

Lo and behold, when I peeled the first green egg:

They were the most beautiful eggs ever:

And they made crazy-looking egg salad:

The crazy blue-green eggs kind of made up for missing the Easter festivities. That, and the leftover candy. So it's all okay.


MandaCakes said...

Those are beautiful eggs! The egg salad is a little scary, but I'm sure it was yummy!

Anonymous said...

beautiful eggs indeed!

Emily said...

Very cool pic with the egg and half the shell. And, I just don't know that I could eat that egg salad. I'm sure it was delicious, but I couldn't help thinking I was eating moldy eggs!

and rudeness said...

WOW. That is on hell of a cool egg and a great pic!

Looks like you had fun! I bet your salad was still yummy though. Green in all. Thats hilarious! :)