27 June 2006


Evan has finally learned every parent's least favorite word: NO! He's understood the word for a while now (without choosing to obey it, naturally), but now he's moved on to saying it himself. I think our friend Jaime is to thank (blame?) for this, as she spent quite a while practicing "no" with him at the wedding this weekend. Right now it's at a cute stage: a spoken "no" along with the head shaking and a mischievous little grin, but I know from experience that it's only a matter of time until No becomes much more serious, loud, and defiant. Let's hope Evan takes a long time to move onto that stage.

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Anonymous said...

my fingers are definitely crossed. my nephew matija has recently moved from a very cute and adorable stage in general (just about everything really) to a much more stubborn and loud stage. no more gooing, now i actually have to take a stand with him. and only see him now and then. i imagine being a parent is one hell of a job and i think you're remarkable!