13 June 2006

i thought summer was supposed to be relaxing

Things have been too busy for much blogging lately, I'm afraid. Instead of the warm, sunny, lazy June days we should be having right about now, we've had cool, breezy, October-ish weather (today is the first day in almost a week that we've seen the sun for any meaningful length of time) and no time to relax.

Greg was away for most of last week, and my mom was here for some of that time. With Grandma, we went to the zoo, went shopping, went out to dinner, and went to frisbee games. Because our frisbee league started last week, overlapping with the end of Greg's spring season, and the injuries have already begun: Greg landed on his shoulder during a dive and is very sore now, and I've got shin splints from trying to run again after so many months without physical activity. James' preschool year ended last week, with a flurry of school-cleaning, special projects, last good-byes, and the end-of-year picnic, which we ended up missing because James was sick, we think due to exhaustion. Greg and I are supposed to start training this week for our community job, and I'm trying to figure out how to find a babysitter for the boys when I still don't know when they training will be. The next two weekends we are traveling to Long Island and Vermont for weddings, throwing in some visiting with my family along the way. We've got a few doctor's apointments in the coming weeks, and one more yet to schedule, though without knowing when I'll be training, that has to be put off for now as well.

So. We're busy. But I kind of lied when I said we get no time to relax; James' pirate pics are proof that we've got some playtime. And the frisbee games are looking as though they'll be a lot of fun for all of us this summer. I'm just the kind of person who likes to have a lot of open space on the schedule, and so far we're too busy for my liking. Particularly when sore shins are making it painful to walk.

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Anonymous said...

aww, i hope things are less busy now. and that the training is going well!
have lots of fun with frisbee games, weee (i'm too lasy for that, hehe)
love you,