19 June 2006

there's nothing like a weekend away from the kids

This weekend, for the first time since before Evan was born, Greg and I ditched the kids for a weekend away. We went with some of our friends to the wedding of some of our other friends on Long Island, and it was really only an overnight -- we got there Saturday afternoon and left early Sunday afternoon -- but that was more than enough time to cram in a healthy amount of fun, and even a little craziness.

The wedding was lovely, and it was nice to see so many of our college friends in one place, but for me the best part was really that lack of parental responsibility. I felt years younger for a night -- which is to say that I actually felt 24 for once, instead of the 30 or sometimes 40 I usually feel. And spending some carefree, uninterrupted time with Greg was really wonderful too -- we got to hang out with each other, and actually have complete conversations! Amazing. There was lots of food, drink, and dancing, and good time spent with good friends. And no diapers, no crying or screaming, no whining, no nose-wiping or being climbed on. Relaxing.

Of course, it was nice to get back to my mom's and see the kiddos again. They had a great time with Grandma, but they missed us a lot too -- particularly Evan, who hates being away from us even for an hour or two -- so we did have a nice reunion. Greg had to leave early this morning for a two-day trip to Delaware and Maryland, so I've quickly gone from childfree to single parent, but I'm feeling so satisfied after the weekend that I don't even mind Greg being away for a couple of days -- though it's pouring rain and thunderstorms today, so I may change my mind about that before too long.

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Anonymous said...

since evan was born? oh my! i'm glad you finally got some time to yourselves :)