03 June 2006

birthday baby

Evan's birthday isn't until Monday, but Greg is leaving tomorrow for a conference in Vancouver, and will be gone all week, so we had a small party for Evan this evening. Evan, true to form, was rather subdued, but enjoyed the cake and managed to make a good mess anyway. Thanks to our experience with a sugarless carrot cake at my niece's birthday party, we loaded the kids up with a sugary chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla frosting. It's a pretty cute little panda, if I do say so myself.

And I know you're thinking, get to the photos already! So here they are:

The innocent panda, unaware of the fate about to befall him

Evan didn't understand the idea of blowing out the candle

A first taste of chocolate cake

First birthday cakes are as much about playing as they are about eating

Evan, quite satisfied at the end of the evening

Poor little panda's night was not quite as enjoyable -- but he's still smiling.

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Anonymous said...

how lovely. this totally reminds me of recent birthday pictures of matija (and he's blonde (at the moment) too!)
much love,