15 April 2006

how insulting!

So I've been uploading more videos to YouTube (now added to my links on the right) and minutes after I had posted an adorable video of James swimming last summer, someone, some stranger probably, watched it and rated it. And what rating did this viewer give? One star. One star out of five. Okay, now I know a three year old swimming with water wings is not the height of internet video entertainment, but surely it merits more than one star, if only for how cute he is!

Seriously, you do not tell a mother her child rates one star. That is just not done. It's like telling someone she has an ugly baby: first, she's going to be insulted, and second, she's not going to believe you anyway, so why bother?


kim said...

I got a one star rating from someone for a video of Molly cruising. Cinematically, I know it wasn't thrilling, but it still ranks 4-5 stars in my book. I think it's kinda creepy that random people just decide to watch videos of your kids anyway. (By the way, I did get your comment on the one video, but for some reason, it still said zero comments.)

Anonymous said...

ugh, people suck. and your videos most definitely rock!
love you,