03 April 2006

a few items of business

1. Can y'all let me know if you're able to watch the video I posted? I think I've fixed things so that it should work for everyone, so if you couldn't see it before, try again and let me know whether you can see it now.

2. I'm all about uploading videos now. You can see more of my wonderful family by clicking here (again, let me know if that works for you -- I think it will, but I'd like to be sure).

3. I briefly overcame laziness today and uploaded my photos from February and March. Click here to see the insane cuteness.

4. Interesting posts will resume one of these days, I promise.


kim said...

I couldn't view your video before but just now it worked fine. I also could see all your cute videos on the link you provided. I may have to try uploading videos to my own blog sometime; it's nice to know I have a technically savvy sister to consult.

Anonymous said...

wooooo it works now!! that is the cutest laughter ever i have to say :) i'll have a look at other videos later (gotta run), so exciting! hope to see *you* as well :)
much love,

Anonymous said...

indeed it does work now. and some words of encouragement...you have at least three blog readers because i check it quite frequently. thanks for leaving me some mid-day cute children pick-me-ups.
miss you

Kristy said...

They all worked for me too! Your children are so adorable! I hope I can make it to Rochester for a weekend this summer to see you all!