27 April 2006

cross your fingers for me

So, I had a job interview this morning, and I think it went really well. The position is a "Graduate Community Assistant" -- someone to organize and plan events to try and make the community where we live more interactive. I've already been doing some work in our community here, as well as party planning at James' nursery school, so I think I'll enjoy it. Greg and I would be kind of a team for this, and I think, for a variety of reasons, that they'll be offering the job to us. Of course I'm not sure yet, but I'm optimistic.

The best part by far is that instead of being paid, we'll have our rent reduced, which will save us a lot of money without affecting our taxes or my Medicaid coverage, which are both important things to not mess with at this point. And it will give us a chance to meet more people, be more social, and be more involved in the community, all good things. At first I was kind of like, "Eh, work," but now that I"ve had the interview I'm excited about more than the money and I'm really hoping that we'll get the position. Wish us luck!


ren said...

Did they give you any indication of when they'd let you know? I'm sure you've got a great chance (unless one of your Mormon competitors has Jesus pulling some strings for them! Then, maybe not as much). Still, I think you'd do great at it :)

Anonymous said...

good luck sweets! i'm sure you two'll get the position, you rock :)
much love,

ps. sorry for disappearing lately, i'll do my best to send you an email soon with all the updates...!