16 April 2006

happy easter!

James in his new gardening gear

Evan loves to play in the dirt

James with our newly dyed Easter eggs

Highlights of the day: Both boys were delighted with their Easter presents (gardening tools, gardening gloves, and flower seeds for James; rubber balls with fake insects inside for Evan), not to mention the candy (which we really didn't do much of). We spent most of the afternoon weeding and planting in the garden. So far we have mint, marigolds, and chives. Evan had a grand old time flinging dirt around, and James started a Worm Rescue Operation (although he was disappointed to learn that it's not really rescue if he's tranfering them to a tree). We dyed eggs (first time for both me and James). And that pretty much covers it. A lovely day overall.

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Anonymous said...

Gardening tools for Easter, what a good idea! I love how creatively you celebrated the holiday, and I'm glad it was lovely. Much love!