30 January 2006

the worst thing about being a stay-at-home-mom...

...is that you don't get sick days.

Here I was, priding myself on having not gotten sick yet all winter, especially when everyone else in my house has been sick with various things at various times. And then what do I do? I go and get strep throat. This comes right on the heels of James' ear infection and Evan's ridiculously horrible diaper rash, so we have not had a break from illness and malady in this house for some time now.

Today was day three of strep, and I felt really terrible and tired. So I called in a favor and got a friend to babysit the boys for a couple of hours so I could nap. And gosh, was that nice not to have to worry about them for a while. I felt so grateful to have someone who would watch my kids so I could put myself first for once. Then this afternoon I went to the doctor and got sweet, sweet penicillin. So hopefully things will soon be back to normal.


kim said...

I had the same realization myself when all three of us were suffering from colds. Jon got to take time off from work to rest; my schedule was unchanged. Feel better soon!

mojca said...

aww, you poor thing! i hope you feel better soon. and i hope you get as much rest as possible, although i think that you should rest ALL the time and have someone else take care of the kids. sigh, i know! take care though. hugs,