13 January 2006

Friday photos

Took these photos at the zoo today, because it was 60 freaking degrees today. In January. In Rochester. I also got some photos of tortoises mating (which they seem to do every time I'm there) but I figured that's not really blog material. Not this blog, anyway.

Happy weekend, everyone.


l'aube said...

Hi Heidi,

I found your blog a while ago linked on your instant messanger profile, came, was delighted to see you writing and pictures of the boys, but then the holidays came and I completely forgot to come back and comment. (I hope it's okay if I do!) I saw your comment in Sarah's journal and was reminded to come say hello! You've been so missed and it's just so nice to see that you're somewhere. :)

Wow, the boys are adorable! And these are the best pictures of them! And I can't believe James is 4 already! And all of the cute things he says! You're such a good mother, Heidi, and it shows.

Sending much love to you, Greg and the boys!!


PS. I've been playing on blogspot too, so that's what this name is. It automatically did it for me.

mojca said...

aww, they're beautiful. as are the photos themselves (nice composition in the second one).

p.s. turtles really seem to get it on, haha! i often see them mating at this park i go to... maybe the rest of their lives are just too slow and they have to spice it up...