27 January 2006

my creative child

This afternoon I came across an interesting drawing James had done. It was a picture of a sad person, and when I asked why the person was sad, I got a disturbing look into my child's mind: turns out someone had stolen his eye. There is one normal eye on the face, one gaping red eye socket, and a gigantic frown. Once I asked, James added an arm reaching in from the side of the picture, holding Sad Person's eyeball.

While I do find it a morbid topic for a four-year-old, I'm also impressed with the creativity -- I can't think of anywhere he might have picked up the idea of plucking someone's eye out. I have to say, the kid never ceases to surprise me.

1 comment:

mojca said...

wow, that sure is something (and also a little scary, i imagine). maybe it's the first signs of a, i don't know, science-fiction-lover-to-be? :)
p.s. does james wear glasses? looking from a psychological point of view, maybe it's got something to do with that... but i don't think you should worry about it.