09 January 2006

and on to year 5

Me: "You're the coolest 4-year-old I know."
James: "You're the coolest 50-year-old I know."

And so ended my son's 4th birthday. We were either wonderful or terrible parents yesterday, letting James make his own choices for just about everything. Thus we had lunch and playtime at McDonald's, and a shopping spree in Toys 'R Us with a couple of gift cards, where James picked out a light-up/noisy volcano for his train set, and a set of dinosaur stamps with ink pads. Then home to open presents from Grandma Christine, who spent the weekend with us. Dinner was hot dogs, followed by a cake made to very precise specifications: "A big round vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and a big number 4 made out of M&Ms." Who knew a cake could still be delicious after being dropped twice (pre-frosting)? We topped the day off with some rowdy balloon play, and sang Christmas carols instead of a bedtime story. James declared it a great birthday, and I think the rest of us enjoyed it too.


mojca said...

you ARE the coolest, well not 50-year-old of course, but he's got it right on the cool part :)
love you!

Ariane said...

I personally think that birthday sounds awesome. And I'm going to be 25.

Glad to see you're happy - the boys are cute!