26 January 2006


....peace and quiet. This is so nice.

James woke up vomiting Sunday morning (all over his pillow, I might add... so gross) and since then he's sometimes had a high fever, a cough, no appetite. been sluggish and sleepy, but has also at times been completely fine. And Evan during the same time has been acting weird, too, probably because of his cold -- he's congested, doesn't sleep, is clingy and cranky and wanting to be held all the time. Thanks to this, I have been cooped up in the house with the little invalids for the better part of four days, and on near-constant duty.

So. After four days of this, James woke up this morning bouncing off the walls, so off to preschool he went. Evan actually went down for a nap very easily this morning. And this leaves me with some rare time totally to myself. So I've just thrown some Hawaiian Bread in the oven, put some PJ Harvey on the stereo, made some chamomile tea, and I am using the computer without being climbed on, tugged at, or bombarded with questions.

Some days, life just doesn't get any better than this.

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m said...

ahh, that's lovely. yay for peace and quiet, especially when so rare!
much love,