24 October 2005

weekend recap

It was back to the daily routine today, after a fun long weekend with Aunt Reneka and Uncle Mike visiting. We tired out the kids (and the adults) and got to do some things we don't normally do. In brief: we went to Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester's (and maybe the world's) best barbeque restaurant; we visited Letchworth State Park and hiked around the waterfalls; we spent a rainy afternoon watching "Wallace and Gromit: the Curse of the Were-rabbit" (which James called a bad movie because there was shooting, although I think he enjoyed it otherwise), followed by hot drinks and book-browsing at Barnes & Noble; we had breakfast at the Highland Park Diner, which never fails to satisfy. James found a new playmate in Mike, Evan got lots of attention from Ren, and I got lots of adult company for a change. All in all a good time. Unfortunately, no one took any pictures because we are all too forgetful.

Tomorrow is James' first preschool field trip! Hopefully I'll remember the camera for that, and remember to post about it too.

1 comment:

Derek said...

take all the pictures ya can.

(sneak em if they dont like em)

My parents didnt take many pictures of my childhood and Ive unfortunately forgot pretty much all of it. Its as if I never existed until shady memories kick in around early elementary.