09 October 2005


Yesterday Evan rolled over front-to-back for the first time! This is just two weeks after rolling over back-to-front for the first time. And he's only four months old! I checked my records, and James didn't start rolling over until almost 5 months, so this seems very early to me.

My mom assures me that second (and, like me, third) children do everything earlier than first children because they have someone to copy and catch up to. This makes sense for things like walking and talking, but rolling over? Evan came up with this on his own, and it makes me so curious to know just how babies figure these things out anyway. Where does the impulse to roll come from? What goes on in those little brains? Is it purposeful? Is it an accident that becomes a habit? Baby development is so interesting.

Of course, I'm very excited that my baby is learning new things. But part of me is also a little disappointed, because... Evan is my baby. Quite possibly the last one, and I had hoped his babyhood would last a long time so I could really enjoy it. And, who knows, it still may last a long time. But the older my children get, the less hurry I'm in to have them grow up.

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