14 October 2005

highlights of the week

I'm already failing in my attempt to update daily. What can I say; it's been a slow week. But we've had a few highlights worth mentioning:

  • DDR! We got Dance Dance Revolution for X-Box, which will be great fun in the 6-month-long Rochester winter awaiting us. Once James learns how to play, it'll be fun for the whole family!
  • Our baby has fleas! Okay, actually, some friends of ours inadvertently brought some fleas into our house, and we discovered this only when we found them on the baby: one in his hair, and one in his ear. EW.
  • Monday, Greg and I left the kids for the first night since Evan was born! We went to a social function for the Institute of Optics, and we left kids with my uncle Billy, and my cousins Rachel and Matthew. We were a little worried about Evan since he was crying when we left, but apparently all went well. We'll have to do this more often.
  • Thursday, I assisted in James' preschool classroom, and it's just so cool to watch your kid in an environment that exists apart from you, to see how he interacts with the teacher and other kids, to see how he behaves and handles himself independently of Greg and me. We've had nothing but positive reports from his teacher so far.
  • I've created a Wish List for the boys (well, mostly James at this point). This is not a "buy things for our kids!!!" kind of thing; it's more just to give people an idea of what James is interested in, for Christmas and birthday presents when the time comes. (I've added the Wish List to the links on the right side of my page, along with my own Wish List, because, hey, a girl can dream, right?)

And... that's the news from Rochester. I'll try to be better about posting, and maybe put up some pictures this weekend.

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ren said...

Take "Green Eggs and Ham" off your list! Mike bought it for his Children's Lit class & we're bequeathing it to James and Evan.