28 October 2005

pumpkin fever

James' preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch was postponed due to rain on Tuesday, but yesterday was the make-up field trip. We went to a nice farm where they had a hayride to the pumpkin patch (where each kid got to choose two pumpkins to take home), a giant slide, a petting zoo (featuring rabbits, a pig, a cow, sheep, goats, and a llama), and a straw pen to play in. It sprinkled on us a little, and was pretty cold out there, but we had a really good time... although my back was pretty sore after two hours of carrying my fat sleeping baby in the sling.

Today James painted his pumpkins. (You can maybe, almost identify the face on the pumpkin on the right side of the photo). Tomorrow we go to find a big pumpkin for Greg to carve into another masterpiece. Tomorrow is also James' preschool Halloween party, after which I will post pictures of him in costume. I helped to plan the party, but I'm not sure we did all that great a job of it, so here's hoping it goes well anyway.

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