25 October 2005

adventures in baby food

Yesterday we tried feeding baby cereal to Evan for the first time. And let me tell you, this is the most laid-back baby I've ever known. Some of you may remember the photo of James' first experience with baby food -- the poor child looks traumatized. He was pretty disgusted, and it took several tries to get him used to it. Evan, on the other hand, seems almost totally indifferent to cereal, but didn't put up a fuss. He just ate it and had no reaction. "You're putting something new and strange in my mouth? Okay, that's cool." But he did eat it, and by tonight he learned to open his mouth for the spoon, although he stuck his thumb in his mouth in between every bite.

Thanks to the food processor we got for Christmas last year, I'll be making some of Evan's baby food, so he'll be on to more exciting foods before long -- hopefully things like vegetables and fruit will elicit some sort of reaction. We'll see.

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