10 July 2007

i can't believe i forgot to mention this

In all of the 4th of July fun and post-holiday travel, I totally forgot to report back on a matter of utmost importance: James' tooth!

That's right, my darling first-born has lost his first tooth. Did you remember he had a loose tooth? It only took like a month to fall out so I wouldn't be surprised if you'd forgotten. I forgot about it sometimes during that month.

But last Tuesday, as he was eating goldfish, out it came. And I did promise you gaping-tooth-hole photos, didn't I? Well, I won't disappoint you:

We're not doing the tooth fairy -- no, James is keeping his little lost tooth in his mini treasure chest.

And already, the tooth next to it is loose. I'll let you know in a month or so how that turns out.

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and rudeness said...


Well, its about darn time. :) I bet he is quite excited. And looking forward to the next!