03 July 2007

friday tuesday photos

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog-reading to bring you a special Tuesday photo post! Photos are on Tuesday this week because 1) I missed Friday photos last week and 2) I'll probably miss them again this week since I'll be out of town.

I managed to cross two more items off my 101 Things list (I still haven't decided on the last two things, by the way, but thank you all for your suggestions): 1) I hand-picked strawberries, made them into jam, and canned a dozen jars of jam, and it's the most delicious jam I've ever tasted, and no, I'm not biased at all. Yes, I am aware that you can buy jam in the store, and yes, I'm aware of what century we're in. I think we all know by now that if a complete stranger were to judge me based solely on my hobbies, they would conclude that I'm at least 70 years old. I know. But making jam is fun! And really, really delicious.

Anyway, moving on. The second item I crossed off my list this weekend was a visit to Chimney Bluffs State Park, and that, my friends, is what you will now see photos of.

The park is named for the crazy bluffs overlooking the lake:

There is a lovely beach hike below the bluffs, where Evan happily threw rocks into the water:

And where James happily posed for photos:

And where James also spent a lot of time climbing on things:

It was a really pretty hike, and a really beautiful day:

I'll be heading over to central NY to visit with my mom and sister and niece for a few days. Not that I ever blog that regularly, but don't expect anything for a while.

Oh! And while I'm on the subject of photos -- Yahoo is shutting down their photo site, so I've transfered all of my photos to Google. I've even uploaded recent photos (there are actually some that don't make it onto the blog) so check it out.


ren said...

Yay pictures! It was fun to see the new ones you posted on Google too!


Samay said...

How did I live Upstate for 4 years and not even know that a place like that existed? I need to move back, clearly.

Emily said...

These are great pictures...the water is so blue!