04 May 2007

my first meme + friday photos

I have been tagged for my first-ever meme. At least, I think it's the first I've done on this blog. I'm too lazy to go check right now. Anyway, I like it not only because Ryan wrote it, but because it's retrospective. Look how our little Heidi has grown!


1. was 15 years old. Good Lord!
2. started dating my first real boyfriend (the kind that involved more than holding hands).
3. wished that my mom wasn't so strict. I was one of the only people I knew with a curfew.
4. joined the track team -- the first sport I did in high school.
5. was still in winter guard. (I haven't thought about that in years. Wow.)

Me at 17 -- the closest I have on the computer of me at 15.


1. was a new mama to Sweet Baby James.
2. was taking a semester off of school to stay home with my baby.
3. was feeling pretty lonely being the only undergraduate mother I knew.
4. was really involved in LiveJournal. That's a little embarrassing to admit, now.
5. was alternately blissful and depressed, due to the whole new mama thing.

Me five years ago


1. was 8 months pregnant and hugely, ridiculously enormous.
2. had an active 3-year-old who I was preparing for nursery school and for being a big brother.
3. was over a year into my full-time stay-at-home mama career, after graduating in December 2003.
4. was really, really impatient to have my baby.
5. you know, the pregnancy was really the main thing. I was SO BIG and SO IMPATIENT.

Me, hugely pregnant two years ago


1. had recently been hired as a community assistant here in my neighborhood.
2. started playing ultimate frisbee again after a year and a half of laziness and inactivity.
3. had recently resurrected my book club, which is still going strong (if not all that frequently).
4. started a myspace page because I'm SO COOL.
5. was really pretty content with how things were happening in my life.

Me with my mom and Evan a year or so ago


1. sorted a crapload of baby clothes for our yard sale tomorrow.
2. went for a dress fitting and felt more confident that I won't look like a lavender whale at my sister's wedding.
3. made guacamole. YUM.
4. took the boys to a picnic in Greg's new building on campus (well, not his building, but the new building where he'll be working soon.)
5. baked a million mini-muffins for James' class.


1. assisted at James' school.
2. am ridiculously tired because I stayed up too late last night doing yard-sale prep.
3. should probably go for a run. But I might not (see #2).
4. had cereal for lunch.
5. need to do some gardening stuff.


1. hold our freaking yard sale, and I will be SO GLAD when it is over.
2. go to a Cinco de Mayo party!
3. see my old friend Sean at said party.
4. hopefully sell all of our junk.
5. take everything that doesn't sell to the Salvation Army drop-boxes.

It was actually a little bit difficult to do this! Maybe because I'm so tired. But I actually had to go back through my blog archives to fill out the one-year and two-year portions of this meme. I have a terrible memory.

I don't know what to do about this tagging thing though. Karen is sick, Jessica just reviewed her last ten years in honor of her tenth wedding anniversary, Samay is lazy, and I don't know if Kim does memes. I guess that leaves Melissa and Emily. Tag! And if those of you who I excused above want to participate too, go for it! Even though I gave you rock-solid excuses not to.


Jessica said...

Too fun!!! I love it! I might just do one myself in another month or so, once the 10th anniversary thing has been archived.

and rudeness said...

You trying to one up me and include pictures? Or I guess... just really clever to make it a "Friday Photos" thing too.

You rock. Thanks for playing too! Your first meme was a total success! I really enjoyed learning more about ya! (You are so going to have to teach my someday how to play ultimate frisbee... sounds fun!)

and rudeness said...

I dont understand why it is so darn difficult for me to NOT use exclamation points. (I am so cheesy!)

Hangs head in shame...

Anonymous said...

I will try to complete my tag. Read my blog and understand why I am a bit overwhelmed right now. Funny, but I remember playing tag with you in Jerry's backyard.

Emily said...

Woohoo! I've been tagged. I'll hop on it when I get home so I can scan some pictures...that was a good idea.

Samay said...

Lazy?! Dude, 5 years ago I was so stoned I have no idea what to put on that list. There, are you happy?

Anonymous said...

what a great meme! i loved reading it! and i laughed out loud reading the lj comment. guess why? same here, hehe :)
i hope the sale goes well.
take care! hugs,