18 May 2007

friday photos

Between feeding my Lost obsession in anticipation of next week's season finale, reading Neil Gaiman's short stories at breakneck speed, and worrying about our upcoming moves, I haven't had much time for blogging. But I do have time to post some cute photos.

James trying to hide from the camera:

Mother's Day mini-golfing:

Evan's first try at mini-golf:

The boys posing on the putt-putt course (notice James' carefully-chosen golf-pro pose):

Evan at the children's museum -- I am really into mirror shots; it seems like I'm always posting them:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

our lil household also developed a Serious lost obsession (esp. during the first season), but since slovenia is always lagging behind on tv shows, season 3 is yet to start here. is it any good? do i dare watch it or will it scare the hell out of me? my nerves were getting a bit weak during season 2...
cutecute pics, as always!

and rudeness said...

Great pictures!

And I tried to watch Lost in the beginning... I couldnt do anymore after the 3 episode of Season 2.

Or maybe I am the one that sucks.