11 May 2007

friday photos

You know, I'm starting to realize what an inconvenient day Friday is for posting photos. Usually we do interesting things worth taking photos of on the weekends, so by the time I post them here they're already a week old. Which is not exactly a big deal. But, for example, tonight we're going over to the Lilac Festival, where we will probably take lots of interesting pictures (and possibly see Mike Doughty, who sings one of James' favorite songs ever: "Busting Up a Starbucks"). I suppose I could always post photos on another day of the week, but then I would lose my catchy alliteration.

Shut up already, Heidi! On to the photos!

I don't remember what James was trying to do in this photo, but I think it's funny anyway:

A hawk has taken up residence in our neighborhood. He or she is very pretty and slightly scary:

Evan, asleep on the floor with his light saber:

The boys eating ice cream on the stoop on a warm evening:

Evan likes to choose and put on his own accessories:

Also, I can't remember whether I've mentioned our whole moving situation on the blog yet, but we found out that we were not given an extension to stay in our current apartment for a few more months. So this means moving sometime this summer and then again in the fall/winter! Yay! This means James will get to attend two kindergartens! Yay! I'd say more about this situation but I'm way too excited right now about all the moving and upheaval in my future. Wait, did I say excited? I meant irritated. Really, really irritated.


ren said...

As long as I'm able, I volunteer to come out and help - whether you need me to help you search for a place, pack boxes, or just distract the kids so you can get stuff done. Just let me know.

Have fun at the Lilac Festival!

kim said...

Ugh - that really sucks about the apartment thing. It might not turn out to be that bad, though; if you just don't unpack much at the new apartment you'll be mostly ready to go by the time the next move comes around.

Emily said...

I love the light saber one. He is totally prepared if a monster awakens him from his slumber!

karen said...

I'd offer to come and help move...if I could afford plane tix...we'll see when I get a new job...
In the meantime, awesome pics - I miss you guys!

and rudeness said...

Wish I could help ya out too! Moving totally sucks.

But for the moment I will just let you know, as always, your boys are so cute! I love the pic with everyone eating ice cream. Too damn adorable!