01 May 2007

a conversation in lieu of a real post

[Heidi is rambling about possible career paths.]

Heidi: Maybe I should be a park ranger. I know! We could live in Yellowstone and I'll be a park ranger there. That way when the supervolcano blows, we'll be killed instantly instead of having to suffer through the aftermath for years and years.

Greg: Yeah, I can't wait to go flying through the air, being burned by hot cinders and probably suffocated by the gasses, then falling and getting smashed by gravity.

James: I don't like the dying part.

Heidi: James, what do you think Mama should do?

James: Mmmm... you should be a veterinarian.

Heidi: Oh yeah? Why should I be a veterinarian?

James: Well, you've been to the doctor a lot.


Emily said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who isn't sure what to be "when I grow up." Of course, hiking around a volcano has never been a thought, but more power to ya!

and rudeness said...

HAHAHA... they really do say the darnedest things.

karen said...

hehehe - CUTE =0)

you should check this out this site, too...I think a Park Ranger would be like a vacation! =0)


karen said...

p.s. just highlight it, copy, and paste it in your browser window (it's longer than what's showing up in the post...)