23 May 2006

news and photos

I swear, eventually I'll get back into blogging lately. For now, interesting items of late:

  • Evan's comprehension is really taking off. He's learning new words all the time. Cuteness: we have a stuffed cow toy that moos, and now when we ask Evan where the cow is, he shouts "DOOOOOO!", which is his version of mooing.
  • Bad parenting = happy kid: We went to the Lilac Festival on Friday night, where for dinner, we let James eat a corndog and fried dough. For shame.
  • Via Dawn, I found this amazing website. Pandora lets you input a band or song you like and plays music in a similar style that you may also like. I am hooked.
  • I've been exercising recently in preparation for my return to the frisbee fields this summer. I'm tiiiiiired.

And, I don't know what's up with blogger but it's not letting me upload the adorable pictures of my kids that I was going to post. Sorry -- hopefully I'll be motivated to try again tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

doooooo? heehee, that made me giggle. the pandora site sounds interesting, i should check it out.

as for frisbee exercises, go girl go! but... be sure to get enough rest too, that's important. (or at least it is in mojca no-exercise-ever-and-at-all-please world :))

have a lovely day!