03 May 2006

good news and a cute baby

We got the job! Hooray! I kind of knew we would, but it's nice to be right. And I'm actually feeling pretty positive about the job. I hope I like it. If nothing else, I'll like saving $300+ a month on the rent.

In other news, I have an exceptionally cute baby. I haven't posted any new photos in a while, so here is one of my favorites, ever, of Evan. He's just discovered a taste for frozen blueberries (a favorite snack at our house) and is clearly in love:

By the way, April pictures are now on the Yahoo site, if you're interested.


ren said...

Congratulations! When do you start?

kim said...

That's awesome - congratulations!

Samay said...

wow. That's one messy baby.

l'aube said...

Yay! Congratulations!! I read down a bit because I'm behind to figure out what the job was, and oh, how exciting - it sounds like fun! Community building is such a great idea! Congratulations! And AWWWW, baby!