31 May 2006

feelin' hot hot hot

We are in the midst of an unseasonable heat wave here in Rochester -- humid, 90-degree days at the end of May! This morning it hit 80 degrees by 9:30. It's ridiculous. And this intense heat has had the effect of turning us into hermits. Today we've spent the better part of the afternoon in the basement, where it's probably only 70 degrees. The past few days we have not emerged from the house until at least 5 o'clock, when things are beginning to cool off outside. We had a brief rainshower this afternoon that had a negligible effect on the temperature and humidity. But it's supposed to cool down tomorrow and the rest of the week, so cross your fingers for us.

Weather.com indicates that it's hot all over the place, so I hope you're all keeping cool. I'm reminded of last summer, when we brought Evan home from the hospital in the middle of a heat wave like this -- that was how he earned the nickname "tomato-head". We're considering resurrecting the nickname, since circumstances are starting to repeat themselves, right down to his constantly sweaty, pink little face. Poor baby -- he and I both don't handle the heat well; we both get cranky.

And what am I focusing on during this crazy heat wave? Food, and more specifically, how to avoid cooking. We had a barbecque with friends on Sunday, so we've been eating leftover hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad all week. Tonight I'm making a no-cook, cold taco dip. Watermelon has become both boys' new favorite food. Pasta salad is on the agenda, but I'm starting to run out of good hot-weather meals. Help me out, dear readers: what do you eat when it's too frickin' hot to cook?


ren said...

We do a lot of cold salads: macaroni salad (with or without tuna), egg salad sandwiches, green salad (with or without chicken), mozzarella-basil-and-tomato sandwiches... good luck!

Anonymous said...

care to send some of the heat over here? it's been crazily cold here! well, 10-15 degrees celsius sure as hell doesn't sound like june. i'm wearing a sweater plus a pullover in the flat for god's sake.

as for the food - salads are nice indeed (i love the canned tuna+lettuce+sliced tomato+lemon juice combination) as are various fruity milk shakes (more fruit than milk for me, strawberries or blueberries add the perfect touch)... but that's not really food, unless you make it thick enough for it to become more of a yoghurt. and i'm afraid here's where my knowledge as a not much of a cook ends, hehe. this vegeterian restaurant i like to eat at has a funky thing though, called summer soup. basically made out of fruit, served cold. i wouldn't know the recipe though.

enjoy the sun! oh, and the pics on the most recent entry are Gorgeous. i especially love the cool baby one :)
love you lots,

Anonymous said...

(i meant sweatshirt+pullover, sorry!)

kim said...

For something classy, you can try cold soups - gazpacho, various carrot soups, or other veggies, usually pureed.